Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2 Players Picked Leon Kennedy’s Campaign First

An astonishing 80 % of Resident Evil 2 players started their particular trip in Raccoon City with Leon Kennedy, figures from the series’ standard internet site have exposed.

Capcom’s scarily deep stat-tracking site discloses that hence significantly the marketing campaign provides been finished 500k occasions with the floppy-haired rookie cop, while Claire Redfield’s story has been beaten 332k thus far.

Since its launch on Fri, fans possess spent more than 1,000 years fending off the immortal, taking more than enough steps to walk to Venus and eliminating plenty of revenants to fill up the whole of Japan. There’s lots even more info on the RE.net website, which is fun to go through whether or not you’re presently taking part in the video game or perhaps not.

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